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Do You Cuss and Swear?
I cannot say that I never have but I've never felt the need, mostly. Even 9 years in the RN didn't turn me into a swearer. My swearing is usually reserved for things like banging the toes on something. I really detest women swearing. I have to confess though, the guys in my novels often swear, and sometimes in excess. Maybe I am a swearer... by proxy. :biggrin: So, hands up if you are making the air red.
Oh im fluent in this form of communication, even sometimes it aint even directed at people but objects too &^.^
I will in private. Unless I'm totally angry then I'll cuss in public.
I only swear when peopel can;t understand nicely to leave me alone , but i swear in romania so they won;t know what i am saying ... Sad
:biggrin: Perhaps we should choose the most common swearword and hear it in all languages.
I do swear and cuss but it depends on the situation at that given time.
Although I am very shy, If something or someone really makes me angry then they seem to slip out.
I don't swear all the time like some people where every other word is the F word and cannot stand the C word.
To me that is the lowest of the lowest.
I know what you mean, the people that have to stream profanity into every sentence, i sit there and go "whats the point, plain english and people understand you just as well"
Saying no would be a lie, although I try not to do it much. I do find that I swear more in front of some people then others though.

That be me then Tongue
Like a sailor.

Ever had sex while camping? It's fucking in tents.

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