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Do we attract homophobia
Saw the movie version of the book "the secret" today which was briefly featured on the forum a few days ago. For the sake of this argument I will explain a little about it. The main theory of the movie go's on the premise that what we attract from the universe is based on our thaughts and feelings. So basically if we want more money we focus our thaughts and attention on it and the universe will give it to us. Sounds good, however the movie also suggested that we attract homophobia into our lives just by thinking about it. One of writers on the show featured a client of his who was gay and had experienced some severe forms of homophobia. The writer suggested that he had invited homophobic abuse socially because of his thoughts and beliefs. Now I know many gay people (lesbian and bi also) Who are completely positive about their sexuality and have been brave and proud enough to come out to their friends and familly, yet they still encounter some severe forms of homophobia. I tend to believe that homophobia is a social ill and not as this movie suggests, the universe reflecting back to people what they already think and feel. What do other people feel are the causes of homophobia. Be interested to hear your'e views
You need to apply your own thoughts towards this film, take out all the faith bull and get to what you understand.
If you watch many programs about animals (dogs) you will notice its their body language, their not waving their arms about screaming, their is just subtle changes in their body language.

We are similar, if we feel threatened our body releases loads of chemicals, changing things like your body language, your head may tilt down your muscles may tense up, all that stuff.
What we don't notice because we're used to it, is that our subconsious can see that, so the ones doing the threatening become more powerful.

The idea is to reprogram our subconsious to avoid these signs of weakness being released, so we are just thinking the opposite of what our normal thoughts are.
I'm a victim of my own success.
I have never failed, I have just found many ways which are incorrect.
Everyone has a story, some people just have a better way of telling it.
In this Concrete Jungle we live, our survival is love that we give.
Thanks for that cardshark, appart from that one hitch it was an excellent film(I personaly prefer the book which im re reading) and I would definately reccoment it to anyone who hasnt seen it. Very thaught provoking.
To be honest, I think it applies principals of basic common sense - the more focused you become on something, the more likely you are to obtain it (in general terms, I don't mean marrying royalty or riding Mitch Hewer.) Even subconciously, for example, if you're angling for promotion at work, then you're more likely to actively demonstrate your strengths in front of your boss.

As for homophobia, I suppose the same applies - the more focused you become on it, the more likely you are to attract it, as you become less focused on your body language the more focus you give the issue. Basically applying the "Target Fixation" principle, where a fighter pilot becomes so fixated on his target, he flies right into it.

Just my opinion, mind ya. :tongue:

Ky xxx
I aint seen the film yet...but if i was in control of my smarts thats soooo what i woulda said ^ Xyxthumbs

XD always good to have an agreement of opinion.

Are we the only ones in here alive tonight btw?

Lol xx
[Image: thshrug.gif]... there prolly doin this right atm...[Image: thF_14WA118.gif]

I have a good friend from uni days who is totally into the book/video. She is sending me the vid.

I do think Wolfe has it about right.

I am a super optimistic but realistic person and NEVER focus on the negative BUT got plenty at the moment.

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