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Do you belong to any "gay groups?"
So I was wondering what gay groups or organizations do you belong to?

They can be political, religious, or recreational.

I'm a doner of the HRC, as well as pflag.

I've also just joined a gay bowling league. It looks like it will be about 29 teams of gays and lesbians, and our first night of competition starts 9/6.
I am actually going to join one today. Its my college's gay straight alliance. I dont know exactly what they do, but i checked out their facebook page and it looks like a great time. there were a few people saying omg i cant wait to get started!
Here in Kansas City, we have the HMC - Heartland Men's Chorus...I was set to audition for them, but because of my school schedule it didn't work out. Don't really know if this counts or not, lol but I'm involved in my university's Queer Alliance. :biggrin:
Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association

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