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Docking tails, love, hatred, dominance???
Whats your view on docking tails and other stuff we do with animals???

I personally regarding docking disagree with this.. I have a beautiful miniture jack russell named Benji who is two years old tomorrow and christ has it gone fast but i have noticed that he cowers alot when putting the lead on... I remember going to get him from a farm just past Worthing - East Sussex and he was so small and petrified of the guy who ran the farm and have noticed that he gets scared really easy but has come along way.. I find through things such as docking tails it can have a devistating effect on a dog or cat or anything with a tail to which it can cause psycoilogical problems within the animal itself.. I do sometimes wonder where he would be now if we hadnt bought him because he was the runt of the litter. I sometimes think what if he had been sold to a family where he would be abused by an owner?? Even though i never met his siblings as he was last one left i do think about my dogs past alot and the trauma his had in his life.
Alot of this through things such as docking tails and being pushed around by the farmer i have learnt in time as he grew as certain things id never done he cowered at.. I have however got him over alot of fears and other dog interaction as i went out and bought him a female companion who i will be breeding him with sometime in the future when she has her next season.. People tend to say dogs are dangerous but i disagree you see its not the dog who is dangerous its the owner

[Image: Greg-benji.jpg]

kindest regards

zeon x
Nice dog! Xyxthumbs I've never heard of dockin cats tho :confused: ... personally i think it's mutilation, dockin dogs of any kind...aint it "essential" for show dogs etc tho...sayin that i think the kennel clubs rules and guidelines need dragged into the 21st century some of the things they endorse are barbaric :mad:

Some people docks cats to pass them off as Manx cats, as they sale for more money.

People do anything to get more money, even sick things..

I love your Dog zeon, he looks really cute, own cat has a lot of mental problems too. Which comes being taken from is little brother which he really loved, Matty went totally mental when my next door neighbours tried to separated them. Matty ended up giving next door neighbour 12 stitches up his arm. Matty ended hiding under my bed and we said we'll have ass we had sister too.

Matty hates people he doesn't know, he runs off and hinds when people come around..

We have had him for 11 years now, hes such a cutie though...

[Image: DSC00158.jpg]
I think if the docking is for cosmetic reasons then no it shouldn't happen. In recent years I have seen a good increase in dog breeds that were traditionally docked having full tails.

Does the Animal Welfare Act say anything on tail docking??

If, however, the dog is actually a working dog and the act of working could indeed lead to tail injuries then I think it would then, and only then, be acceptable.

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."
After opposition in the House of Lords on 7 March, the government withdrew the regulations on exemptions to the ban on tail docking, which comes into force at the end of March in Wales and on Friday, 6 April in England.

RSPCA || Ban tail docking

I am pleased they have made it illegal to dock tails... If anyone ever done it i knew id say how about i cut the tips of your fingers off and the tips of your toes and see how you feel eh???

dogs use their tails for balance

my doggie is a little sweety pain in the arse but loves giving dad a kiss when he gets home fromwork
I maybe getting a dog soon, but my Cat hates dogs as much as humans, so I'm may have to move out my self..

I'm really hoping that I can get a helper dog though!!
Hiya sweetlad,
I never understood why dogs and cats sometimes get on and dont on other hand... Thing is if the cat doesnt like the dog you should proceed with the dog still as what can happen is they change and adapt to accept one another of course get a wee puppy so that it knows whos kinda come first as some dogs can be terrirtorial

kindest regards


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