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Doctor visit
doctors have no idea what theyre doing. went to the hospital and got blood drawn and an IV because i had horible pain and i couldnt even move. I hurt when i woke up the other morning and went to the bathroom and i couldnt walk back i hurt so much. i was laying on the floor crying so im glad i take my cell everywhere i go so i called my grandma. she called my mom and she left work and took me to the doctors. they thought it was my appendix, then got a cat scan and shiit to figure out it wasnt even serious and there was nothing they could do about it. now im having an alergic reaction to the shit they made me drink for the catscan and it made me break out into a rash. everywhere. mom said if it isnt gone by Wednesday i have to go back to hospital. I HATE DOCTORS.
Debugging the human body is incredibly difficult. So many systems are interdependent and in ways that are not immediately obvious.

I take drugs for my heart, but the drugs are designed to be broken down by the liver in such a way that they then target the kidneys into inhibiting part of their function which reduces the quantity of certain enzymes in my blood stream which reduces the stress placed on my left ventricle.

Interestingly, the drug that was designed to reduce stress on the right ventricle didn't quite work as originally intended. The pharmacists that were working on it had unintentionally created Viagra.

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sorry to hear zombieslayer. I hope all gets better for you.
Sorry ZS that sound very horrible.
I hope you feel better soon kiddo.Confusedmile:
Medicine is not an exact science - yet. The reason being is because we humans are not exact duplicates. We have unique chemistry, DNA ,etc. Scientists have high hopes that in the next 50 years a patients medicine will be tailored exactly for them, everything from diagnosis to treatment will be tailored to fit the patient.

How medicine is performed is to gather a list of symptoms, and based on those symptoms come up with a short list of most likely ailments that fit the symptoms. Tests are performed to either confirm a a diagnosis or to rule out potential ailments if the list is to complex.

For your age and depending on the location, an infected appendix would be the most likely cause. EXAMPLE: Appendix, kidney stones, endometriosis*, ovarian cysts (among others) can have the same symptoms. Since you are young and I assume not sexually active, the most logical and common ailment to diagnose would be an appendicitis (infected appendix).

The Doctors went with the most common potential ailment (Appendicitis), and did imaging to confirm the diagnosis. This is exactly as it should be. used to be, before reliable imaging techniques the doctor would diagnoses appendicitis and the patient would be operated on (opened up) to have a look see if the appendix really was infected. More often than not to 'justify' the procedure (even if no infection was found) the appendix was removed.

Trust me, you do not want to have things removed for no reason... even with a good reason being sliced open can be miserable.

As for the oral dye they used, you need to memorize the exact name and make certain you list it as one of your allergies each time you visit a doctor.

The most common dye they use contains Iodine. If you have an allergy to the dye it is most likely the iodine. Is a list of foods that contain iodine. Most people who are allergic to shellfish are actually allergic to the iodine. Most who discover they have an allergic first have a rash, later on down the road if they continue to eat shellfish (high levels of iodine) they end up with anaphylaxis =

It is important to know this and to be wary. Anaphylaxis can be deadly.

So you need to find out what the contrast dye contains and potentially get a test for specific chemicals (such as iodine if it used it) to see how allergic you are so you can regulate your diet and keep the allergy from getting the best of you.

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@Bowyn Aerrow thanks for the info. Im not allergic to shellfish tho so i dont think its iodine. the thing that was wrong wasnt my appendix, it was something in that area and they said it was just swollen so it was causing alot of pain. i just didnt appreciate all the needles and other unmentionable thing i had to get done. it was im scared of needles and the other thing and it was painful and humiliating and just blah.
If the pain is in the same general area as the appendix, but a little higher, almost like the top of where your liver is, and the pain shoots upto your shoulder, your back and into your groin, ask your doctor if you can have an ultra-sound. I had the 'It has to be the appendix' diagnosis for about 18 months.

The pain you experience could be anything from acid reflux, indigestion to Gall stones, and a hundred things in between...all of which have very very similar symptoms and make it incredibly difficult to diagnose.

I have just been through 8 years of stomach pain, so I really feel for you and hope that you get a diagnosis soon.

Hang in there Wink

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