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Does Anyone Use the Chatroom?
Do you use the chatroom?
I have wondered this myself.. although I post from my galaxy s so im not sure how well it would work for me
Not last evening, but spent a couple of hours with a bunch of people on both evenings before that.
That's strange never entered my mind to use the chat room??? :confused:
Depends on the night and who is on, but there are aome interesting talkative people in there Confusedmile: from time to time.
I use it from time to time. Its a good way to get to know other members you may not have chatted too in threads before.
Well I'm in the chat room right now and it's empty. I see ... dead ... space ...
Jay Wrote:Well I'm in the chat room right now and it's empty. I see ... dead ... space ...

Oh well, it's not so bad. I'm chatting with myself right now. Never thought it's entertaining.

And creepy.

And awkward.
lol i get online mostly in the evening/nights eastern time. though half the time yes it is empty. but in the night alot of people are on.
[Image: sdfg_by_cocoaeyes-d6waj25.png]
There were a lot of people on last night Xandor, it must be a night time thing Confusedmile:

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