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Does anyone know the song title and such?
Ok so I'm obsessed with finding out what the song that DanielxMiller uses for his outro is.
Starts there.
There has been people who has used those apps that could find out the name, with no luck. But that doesn't mean it's not a real full lenght song. It's probably some remix of another song, maybe independent.
ive used this before .. it helps me find out songs to which i dont know the title to ..
Could you use the site on the song then? Think I have my internal mic turned off, and it'll probably not give me any results of I tried. If someone has an external mic, they could try.
You could do a search on the lyrics.

You could post a comment in the video asking if someone knows the name of the song. Someone should respond with a couple of days.
I've done both. No results.
DanielxMiller doesn't want to give that info for some reason.
Thus why I'm thinking it's just that clip that exists of it, that it's not a full song. Only made for his outro. If that's the case, it's a shame, I really want a full song of it hehe.

Someone had ID'd it finally, though the comment had been reported as spam by someone.
Maybe DanielxMiller is using the track without the artist's permission, and thus don't want people to go to the video and tell the artist. Though the copyright holders will know when someone uses their music rigth away when you upload a video with the track Tongue

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