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Does "distance" matter that much ?
LateBloomer Wrote:As some members already know, I'm currently trying to manage a long distance relationship. I think it's ok for now, given some other circumstances, but I'm serious about having a "normal full time" relationship and therefore, while things are acceptable for now, I realize in the future I'll need to be closer. So, I'm making the move.

One caveat: I wouldn't recommend making a move to anyone else unless it was truly a committed relationship (which mine is NOT), but I have other reasons to justify a move. A deeper relationship would only be an added benefit.

Just follow your heart, but use your brain.

Thanks. it means a lotConfusedmile:
I think distance does matter. Since, when you want someone to be at your side, he might not be there to comfort you. And the only tool you have is the webcam and chats. It's not the best thing to show feelings either. But, it could work, just not be as easy as the face to face one.
Distance does matter in my opinion. I just got out of one that lasted nearly 4 years. It was rough, we saw each other once a year and it was too hard on me. I got tired of not having someone to go home to or hang out with on a whim. You have to talk with your partner a lot, online video games help like Warcraft. You also have to be able to say that if and when it gets serious you need to be ready to possibly move.

These are just my opinions and experiences though.
If i were truly in love with the person, distance wouldnt mean a thing. Well, I would worry about cheating and such though. I wouldnt ever cheat, but i would constantly worry if the other was.
I love the man I am with unconditionally and completely and I would do anything I had to do to be with him so I would probably go with him if he left or was long distance.....but if I couldnt for some reason then yes...I would definitely make it work.

When I was in the service I had a boyfriend that I left behind and he moved on pretty quickly actually...I didnt' blame him and I was actually kinda glad because I met some guys as well.
I know that some people can maintain a long distance relationship, there is actually a couple here that maintain a long distance relationship. I guess there are people can make it work.

For me, I couldn't do it because I would miss the physical intimacy, not sex, just the laying together watching a movie, reading a good book each and not necessarily talking because sometimes in a good relationship the best times are just being together. I miss that enormouslg since only having a few fleeting relationships in the last 12 1/2 years.

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