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Does this sound romantic or really cheesy?
I'll make this relatively quick. I like to write, I like my partner. So I thought a few months ago, to write something for my partner. I was thinking about writing the things I like about him, from his personality to his looks to his character. I was thinking of making some parts sweet (like his personality and character) and some parts naughty (like his looks and naughty bits of his that I like).

He's a sentimental/romantic person so I think he'd really like it. But I was thinking, is this just a bit too much/kind of weird? I also would have a hard time thinking of a way to present it to him, it's not his birthday, it's not christmas, valentine's is way past. So I'm wondering if I should just wait for an occasion to do it or scrap the idea altogether.

So yes, that's my dilemma for the week. I'll post more dilemmas in the coming days.
Romance is at it's best when it is unexpected,,, so,,, don't wait for a special holiday.
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Something that comes from you can only bee good for the guy who is with you.

It's something personal, not something you purchased, so why would't he like it? You said he's romantic, so I think he will be pleased.

As for the ocasion I dunno. If you do it now and he likes it youll have to do better on the special ocassions!

Then again this is from my point of view, I suck at picking presents for might be better, so....
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It's a nice idea, but whether it's cheesy or not depends on how well it's written. The gesture isn't cheesy but the execution might be.

And even then there's nothing wrong with being a little cheesy Wink
I don't think it is weird or cheesy at all, it's a really nice gesture. And as you say he is a romantic, I am sure he will love it Smile. I think romantic gestures like this don't need to wait until a special occasion, spontaneity makes it all the more romantic IMO. I say do it, it's a really nice thought Smile
I think it's romantic. I once wrote a poem about an ex (he wasn't when I wrote it), and he framed it.
Tell him when l come up to him and ask to play the record, l'm gonna say: 
''Voulez-vous jouer ce disque?''
'Voulez-vous, will you kiss my dick?'
Will you play my record? One-track mind!
omg that's so cute, I think he would like it if he is the romantic type. he's lucky to have a guy like you Wink
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Sounds super cute. I'm not particularly romantic, but even so I'd love that.
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Thanks guys for the feedback. I'll go ahead with the idea this week and let you all know how it comes out. Smile
Well St. Patrick's Day is this Thursday. You could do it then.
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