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Dog fetches ball, returns to find his soldier home
Cute video. Confusedmile:

German Shepherd Fetches Ball, Returns to Find His Soldier Home from Deployment

I saw that video a few days ago and thought it was brilliant too. I have also gone to look at a lot of other soldiers returning home and suprising their kids, parents and partners...some of them really bought tears to my eyes...particularly the ones with kids seeing their Dads after 6-18 months away.

Saw one on yahoo recently where a great dane greets his returning owner by getting up on two legs and meeting him eye to eye with a big old doggy hug. I nearly d'awwed my face off.

Here's hoping there will be many many more of these especially in the next couple of years.



love it when dogs are taken by suporise so nice Smile

kids u know what to expect... with animals u dont
Crying this way , going to give Jack an extra hug.

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