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Domain names scam
The domain name market has been for some people very profitable. They were buying a domain name for lets say £10 and selling it for thousands. Now if you make a search to buy a domain name for your web site you ll see most are .com are taken. But thats not the scam!

When you type a domain name it is said to be a kind of machine/program that looks up to peoples search ,see what is in high demand and still free so they buy it to make an extra buck. However they do it one thing i am sure of, some people manage to find what domain name you been typing in a domain name site and they buy it first. It happened to me when i was searching for one i liked at, Sunday was available Monday when i went to buy it was bought by some woman.

I recommend to choose or .com at least to make your search on domain names as a more secure site.

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That is really annoying I must admit ... it's similar to my mentality on airlines - I believe when you try and feign booking a ticket just to establish its availability, then it seems that when you come back to buy it, even if it's just 5 minutes later, the prices invariably seems to have increased by about £30 (part tax, part fare), which I find equally very very irritating ... :mad:.

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