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Dubstep concert
So i got asked on a date to go to a dubstep concert on october 21. i told him id go but i was wondering some things like what to expect at a dubstep concert. ive been to concerts before but they were rock concerts (Disturbed and Avenged Sevenfold). is it going to be similar to a rock concert or is it something completely different? please help me so i can know what to expect before i go
who :tongue:
I would have thought that it would just be like any other concert.
Just be yourself and go as you want to, Enjoy the fact that you got asked if you wanted to go with him so embrace the moment, Go for it and take it as it comes.
well i can;t tell you some concret facts: 1. People will get drunken smashed , probably soem weed involved. 2. Don;t leave your drink on the table, some people ussualy put pills in random people drinks. 3. You are going to haev a lot of fun. 4. After 30mins-1hour you will get boored of the same beat.
Don;t wanna scare you out or stuff , but this ussually hapens at the concerts i was.
I could tell you the difference between the music but not the concerts...but maybe this will help give you an idea:

From little over a year ago (I presume this is the wildest it got or we'd got something more interesting):

If you want to see something a little more skillful then you could try practicing to move like this woman so you can make some moves that don't seem out of place when you go:

And from 4 months ago:
I didn't know people were using hip-hop dance moves for dubstep...hmmm. Curious, do they move twice as slow for the beat-down?
writerken Wrote:who :tongue:

by a guy that i went out with on friday to see looper (met him on okcupid) hes really sweet
Pix Wrote:I could tell you the difference between the music

This is D'n'B, no? Too fast for Dubstep...
this song never misses a remix at a dub-step party ... in romania they remix it every single "concert"

this song never misses a remix at a dub-step party ... in romania they remix it every single "concert"

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