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Early new years resolution
Well not sure when next year but sometime next year plan to be true to myself and come out to the church or at least to the leader and my best friend.

The only thing is is I hate confrontation so I was thinking that I'll write it all in a letter format so that I can think of what I want to say with out being scared of doing it a few times and not completing what I set out to do. A lot of you have already given me a lot of ammo to defend myself and I'm grateful,but if anyone has any words of advice or what I really should do please say something here.

I want to time it right so that I'm secure in what i need to do next if things get to bad that I have to move or kicked out or anything of such.

Thanks everyone
i speak for Airborn and myself when i say that we both are behind you 110%. if there is anything that you need, or just need someone to talk to that we are there. words of wisdom i am short on. she is the one for that.
have a lot of mixed feeling about the whole ting. But I figure I need to start being true to myself after all these years.
dlboy53, we dont know you and you dont know us, trust and respect has be to earned... please know that we are here for you and if you need anything we are here for you.
Only do it if you feel comfortable , there is plenty of time.
not sure if feeling comfortable has any part in this right now. I have been hiding for to many years and I don't think there ever will be a good time to tell people of faith who you are.
I have three main ones;
1) don't cheat on my guy again
2) make Dean's list
3) quit smoking

And if that all pans out (cough... yeah right):
4) start going to the gym again
1 don't know your guy so cheating is out
2 done with school so Dean's list is out
3 don't smoke so can not quite
4 How did you know I needed to go back to the gym

I'm already perfect, so my only wish is for the mother ship to pick me up before the end of the world in late 2012.
DLboy, being true to yourself and coming are are 2 spereate issues. You don't have to tell everyone about your personal life to be true to yourself mate Wink

Don't force yourself to come out if you are not 200% comfortable.

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