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Eat the Placenta
I was talking to mum, and the subject of afterbirth came up somehow o_o

Grandma apparently used to take all the placentas of the women she helped deliver babies and cook them up at home and share them with neighbours. She was a nurse not a midwife btw.

So apparently she would dehydrate them and put it in congee (it seems the Chinese like to hide things in congee. Mum admitted that she used to hide frog-meat in my congee as a child o.o)

What do you think of eating the Placenta? It's apparently gaining popularity here as well, there was a programme on TV where they showed mothers getting the placenta, putting some food colouring on it and making a pretty picture to keep by sort of smooshing the placenta onto some art paper, then washing and eating it.

Would you eat a placenta?

Too many good nutrients to pass up. Not sure I'll like the texture, though, prolly a little like liver, and I'm not fond of the texture of liver.
If it's not the mother eating it, it just seems weird to me.
Eating a part of someone who is still alive...
I've heard of some of the history of placenta eating and the reasons for it.
In modern times I think it's an unnecessary way to get nutrients but if there's some sort of spiritual or emotional reason for doing....go for it.

Though if I did it'd make for an interesting story, "Trans man not only pops out baby, but eats placenta too!"

I wouldn't do it though, I'd be too grossed out.
Ew, no. Even if I were a woman that is way too much for me. I know a lot of animals do it to minimize the scent of a new birth, for the nutrients and such but no, just no.

Glad I didn't eat right before reading this.
Just the sound of it makes me want to throw up.
I think I have just turned a tad green ! YUK :eek:
I will pass on that thanks all the same
Why not? I'll try most anything once. Not like it'll kill me or anything.
Thank Goddess I´m vegetarian .... so I don´t have to think about it.... but it´s very scary.
I have already denied breastmilk....Even as a child I preferred milk from the carton... Clean fresh..and without any skin contact....
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STOP eating Animals !
Curiosity would make me want to try at least a bite. Don't know about more than that.
Good grief no way.

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