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Epic Rap Battles of History
There are a bunch of these...I wonder how they get the lyrics to such a variety of people because they're pretty insightful to the singers (sometimes with a lot of subtle details that only people who know a lot about them will catch):

Most people don't like Marilyn Monroe vs. Cleopatra but I do. I think it's because my mom was (is?) so obsessed with her and I caught a lot of subtle details that perhaps others didn't get. One day I'd really like to play that for her (probably have to explain some things like what tossing the salad means...and then be prepared to answer her question on how I knew that) just to get her reaction. But had I not been raised on years of Monroe worship I probably wouldn't have cared for it either.

In a similar vein I kinda liked the Lincoln vs. Norris...not so much for itself but because of imagining what many people I grew up with behind the pine curtain would think if they saw's a really small (make that tiny), redneck town, but Norris is so beloved and Lincoln so reviled (there are literally more Confederate flags than either American or even Texas flags combined around there and the town was ticked because a courthouse had been forced to take its Confederate flag down) that for the first time I could imagine rioting in the streets there, the first computer burning & exorcism (rather than of books and music), and kinda in the same vein as the Danish cartoon riots. :tongue:

OMG I love these:biggrin: I think Nice Peter is the creator, or at least him and another guy. they write all the lyrics and yes they do a lot of research before they make each one.


ok one more Smile

My favorite one is Harry Potter versus Voldemort. Can't post it here because I haven't reached fifty posts yet.
These are all funny! I really like Gates vs Jobs :p

Also, here's Vader vs Hitler Part 1

[Image: 65641-win_o.gif]
smartdevil333 Wrote:My favorite one is Harry Potter versus Voldemort. Can't post it here because I haven't reached fifty posts yet.

I think there's more than one, but here's the one I recall for sure:

Not their best work, but the ending made me laugh:

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