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Escorts and Clients
After visiting an escort several times I was led to believe
that we became quite close friends, he was a nice boy and
he kept saying we had something special, I was a good
friend and how I helped him out moneywise.
I travelled to him virtually every week for 3 months often
having to lie and travel by train in all kinds of weather.
I live a 50 minute train journey from London.

He had always trusted me with the money and he never
ever counted it in front of me.

We had arranged to do an all nighter on 23 December
and it was something I was really looking forward to, we
planned to do from 19:00 until 10:00 the next morning.

We met as planned, had dinner and then settled down at
his place and we chatted in front of the christmas tree
and I was really happy.
Then when we went to the bedroom things started to go
wrong almost straight away, now to cut a long story short
he knew what I liked and I knew what he wanted after all
we had been seeing each now for quite some time.

He started to do things which I did not like at all and this
seemed to make him angry, when I asked him to stop
his attitude changed totally but eventually after alot of
pleading and begging he finally stopped, I was very
freaked out and upset.

This was to be the start of the worst night of my life,
we talked and argued for hours and sexually nothing else
happened at all, I then told him this was to be our last
meeting as I could not afford to carry on seeing him
anymore and this made him even angrier.
It was now 02:45 which is when he said I want you to go
right now, I got dressed and he made me give him £650
(which must have been the easiest money he ever earnt).

But this is the bit which I cant get out of my head and really
really upset me so much.
It was the look of hatred in his eyes when he counted
the money in front of me and said:
"this is the one time I dont mind taking money off you"
So obviously not caring if I was mugged or murdered
he made me leave his house at 03:00 in the middle of the
night in a rough part of London with nowhere to go.
I had to walk the streets and I was very frightened.

When I finally got home the next day, I had a message
from him timed at 03:40 saying he was very upset and he
never wanted to see me or get in touch with him again.

Even now 2 weeks on I still think about that night and
how nasty and horrible he was.

I have to accept escorts are escorts and they think about
one thing only money, It is difficult but I am going to have
to get over this somehow.
I just want other guys to beware of visiting escorts on
a regular basis and not geting to friendly.

As a professional escort... If I can even call it that.

Escorts base their business on ettiquette and reputation. So its natural for "good escorts" to not count money infront of clients. As an escort our job is simply to make sure your getting your money worth and that your happy and satisfied. Wether or not sexual intercourse occurs and what both partys agree on.

Personally I think it was disrespectful on his part the way he handled the situation. It will also reflect his business.

Could it maybe be from a drug relapse or something similiar its quite common in the industry.
That just sounds like a nightmare of an experience. I hope you get over it soon.

I don't know how it might be possible for an escort to have a friendly relationship with a client that can be based on anything other than the transaction.
Well Marsh.

That differentiates an escort from a prostitute. Escorts are as I mentioned before based on quality and trust and the ability to meet their clients needs. Not a transaction.

If your in the industry and its all about the "transaction" Then your being an escort for all the wrong reasons.
I think you'll find most people go to work (whatever that may be) for the pay-cheque. Work may have other benefits but it's mainly the money that gets us up in the morning.

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.
Thats what seprates people who are really good at their from the people who are just there for the pay check.

Most escorts work full time jobs and escort as a way to supplement their income. I know sometimes if i wanted something bad enough. I would be traveling quite a bit and making ten K a month.

Good thing I had a fexible work schedule.
wow licious, thats amazing for someone your age. I'm clearly in the wrong industry :p

But as an escort, do you ever have a personal life to yourself?
10 K / month @[email protected] I should throw away all of my engineering books and start my escort career from now @[email protected] How should I start ?
Anyone wants to be my first client?
Surprisingly enough I do have a personal life.

Allthough Im always busy doing something I still make time to see friends and family and love life as much as possible.

To put the 10k Into perspective. Its generally overnight clients who will pay for my flights.

On aveage an escort charges about 1000 a night if they are worth it and know how to interact with clients and have the ettiquette and class that it requires.

I also get gifts and stuff all the time.

I only work a few hours a day on weekdays the rest is spent training. If you read my profile I am also a pro athlete. I take the weekends off unless there is a competition that I must attend wich is always first priority.

Feel free to ask questions. Im sure your all wondering if I have slept with wealthy old men?

The answer is no. Unlike a prostitute I can pick and choose who I do it with and what I do with them and for how long.

To be honest over sixty percent of my clients would rather have me around for the sake of having some one around. I dont usually have intercourse with clients. Especially if they are female.

Then ofcourse there are some that do want to have intercourse. there defenently must be a mutual attraction so I make sure I usually see them via web cam and always meet in public.

Again always getting payed cash and never counting it infront of them.

Its usually in an unmarked envelope.

Keep the questions coming I love clearing up misconceptions about being an escort.
Its mostly the media that presents us with the image of an escort that will screw anything with a pulse and wallet. I know that escorts are more than just providing sex, they are about providing companionship to people. Though, I wonder what satisfaction people get from it. I myself am seeking companionship, but I would never pay for it, I want to be real, deep, and meaningful, even if I end up alone until I'm 60. Its something about the emotions involved with escorting that I can't wrap my head around. Do you think you could have a meaningful relationship with someone and still work as an escort?

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