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Even truckers have a sense of humor
A few from the road.

Did You Hear JB Hunt & Dick Simon Are Joining Forces To Create An All Woman Team?
They Are Going To Call It Hunt 'n Dick! (Trucking Companies)

Did you hear that Navistar International and Mack are going to merge?
The new truck will be called a Corn-Dog.
(Internationals are AKA Corn binders. The Mack hood ornament is a bulldog.)

Dispatchers In Heaven?
An old trucker that died and went to heaven was standing at the pearly gates with Saint Peter and there sat the prettiest fleet of Petes that he had ever seen. He asked how do you get to drive one of them petes?
Saint Peter says we dont run them we get all kinds of drivers but we haven't got the first dispatcher.
Smile with chuckles too.
<---<< >>--->

[SIZE=4]I told you I had the body of a 25 year old....

[Image: 57929.jpg?v=1]
I didn't know you were a driver, Blue.
Used to be, diabetes finally took me off the road a few months ago.
Bummer. I'm about to try to get back into the industry, my job is dead-end and hopeless, but I like driving and listening to music, two things trucking can't stop me from doing. Big Grin

Did you like it?
The first year I hated it, rules, regulations, inspect this, fill out that form, log everything, keep the receipts, daily check calls, never home, always five states away form the last place you went to bed.

The other 24 years I loved it. Freedom, be at the customer on time and just do it your way. If today sucked, that's okay, you'll be 1000 miles away from the stench by morning. Places to go, things to see. Then after about three years, the whole country is your backyard, everywhere is familiar and you know where all your friendly hidey holes are.

As the saying goes - you can take the driver out of the truck but, you can't take the truck out of the driver.

Once you get past that break in period and learn to breath diesel smoke and bleed diesel, you're hooked and, home is the road and the cab of your rig.

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