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Ever been on a cruise?
My wife and I were married last August in New York, we're from Ohio so we spent three days in NY but didn't have an extravagant honeymoon (we're both students so we were short on cash and time). We are considering a cruise of the east coast of Canada as a sort of delayed honeymoon and would like to hear about people's experiences on cruises. We are going with Canada because the cruise departs from NY so it's relatively close, and we do not want to visit anywhere that is homophobic (ex: Bahamas, Jamaica, Bermuda).
Why not go on a gay cruise?

They are definitely not homophobic Smile

Because they are way too expensive, and we live in a "gayborhood" so we luckily do not need to leave home to have a fabulous time with family!
I have never been on a Cruise but I would love to. Smile
An eye for an eye
I went on a four day cruise on the Silver Wind. I really enjoyed only having to unpack once and spend the next few days not worrying about anything. While there was not much to do on this ship compared to some others which cater to families it suited me fine. A typical day was waking up, worrying about what to have for breakfast, laze around thinking about lunch, recovering from lunch with a nap, having pre-dinner drinks and then dinner followed by a short 30 minute long show, having a few drinks before retiring: repeat. Wanting to do it again I looked at other cruises and there are many different types from cheap to expensive, offering many different activities if you want too keep yourself busy. A friend went on one the Antarctica and showed me the pictures which looked great. The great thing is that if you do not want to participate in any of the activities that day you don't have to. The food varies tremendously on the different cruises but all generally tend to have large portions with many cruises even offering midnight buffets.
Hope you find one that suits you.
Dan1980 Wrote:I have never been on a Cruise but I would love to. Smile

I have always wanted to go on one too, but never had the money.

Id like to take one up to Alaska.
MisterTinkles Wrote:I have always wanted to go on one too, but never had the money.

Id like to take one up to Alaska.

I would love to go on a cruise around the world. Smile
An eye for an eye
I did a cruise around Hawaii but that doesn't count because u were never in open water; I wanna take a 4 day cruise to Encinitas to try it out first before going on longer cruises
My only experience of cruises was when I worked in tourism and accmpanied groups on cruises. My own personal opinion is that they are incredibly boring!

Too much food all of the time, too much "forced" entertainment because of the long, boring hours spent while actually cruising. Usually you're stuck with the same people at your dining table and that's pot luck if you get on or not. Optional excursions when you dock are far too expensive

That said, if you want a vacation where you go places but don't have to keep unpacking and packing your suitcases,if you want to be "entertained" and if you want to stuff youyrself silly with food, then a cruise might be for you.

And don't forget to tip the stewards at the end. They deserve it.

You'll gather from this that I am an independent traveller.
I like all types of travel. My experience with cruises have been very enjoyable. But here are some hints to make the trip better:

1. Be prepared for seasickness. If you are prone to it, get a prescription before leaving port.
2. Don't over-pack. Try to arrange your outfits so that you have mix and match sets. Depending on the cruise, you might need a formal outfit.
3. ALWAYS get off-ship at a port. Part of the fun of taking a cruise is the port-of-calls! Be prepared to spend extra money if you want to do the extras. But even if you just choose to explore on your own, you can still have fun.
4. Research your port-of-calls before departure. Have a sense of what you might like to see or do. Most stops are very short so it helps to plan in advance.
5. Put yourself out there. On board, if you are a wallflower you will be bored for most of your trip in a tiny little cabin. But if you throw yourself into different activities you just might have some fun and develop some friendships.
6. Enjoy food. Cruises are known for their constant overabundance of food, usually, fairly good food at that. You may want to take clothes with a bit more room in the waistline. But if you are not a foodie, or if you are a picky eater, much of the food experience will be lost on you.
7. Being a cabin steward is really a difficult life. Please treat them nicely and as LONDONER said, tip them nicely at the end of your trip.

If you do decide on taking a cruise, you will most likely have a very memorable experience. For all of the negative press these days, cruises can still be a great, and fairly economical way, to travel and to experience some new things. I hope that you both have a great time! Smile

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