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Ever felt overshadowed by boyfriend?
I feel like my boyfriend is in some ways overshadowing me. I just keep getitng the feeling that he is better than me at everything. He has an IQ score of 141 and I only have an IQ of about 113. I know IQ tests are not always that reliable or valid but this still makes me feel stupid in comparison ot my bf.

Also he's this fencing champion who always seems to come home with these medals he's won at competitions. I enjoy fencing but I am nowhere near as good at it as he is.

I know I shouldn't be jealous of him but I can't help it. I just get the feeling that he is more clever and fitter than I am (though he is quite slim).
He's also very, very good at chess and other board games, especially word games.

However, I suppose I have some things he doesn't have. I can beat him at bowling for one! But still.... I just wish I was at his level rather than being stuck down here.

However, I do have self-esteem issues, which doesn't help matters much.
I'm sure there's lots of stuff you're better than him at.. you've mentioned bowling for a start. You might just be feeling this way because he has an edge on the things you're more passionate about... like fencing.

Try not to get worked up about it and focus on the positive things.

Low self-esteem is a pain in the butt... I have issues with it myself.
Yea, agree with 'dlikemuscle, try to overshadow him in the things that youre fond of...
141 IQ is a genious, but 113 is beneath average also, not that bad. :tongue:
And i don't think he overshadows you to intention, does he enjoy doing that? or i'm wrong?
Only thing that makes me remotely jealous of my partner is the fact he has the university education and the degrees to go with it.

Apart from that, i pretty much whoop his ass in every other department hehe
i wouldnt worry about what he has and what you dont have honestly.. theres no perfect person out there, just a perfect couple.. everyone has their qualities, and a person that could probably help offset it.. as with him fencing, ur a bowler.. hes genius, ur not.. whatever.. personally i used to get jealous of my ex cuz he had a bigger dick than i.. never bothered him.. or maybe i am just using a bad example

in any case, you should be happy with what you got.. cuz if its a good relationship, then its worth all the inadequacies in the end
well if he is ur boyfriend and loves u ..then u shud just feel happy and content that somone as smart as him is all urs...rather than feeling insecure and being jealous. If i was in ur place i wud be more proud of him and his achievements than being jealous and insecure. Unless he rubs it on ur face of being better than ya with every chance he gets, then its a totally differnt story all together...

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