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Everything is a virus?
southbiochem Wrote:Oh, sir you got a dirty mind ...Biglaugh

ugh...completely off topic but I had to use linux for Bioinformatics classes back in 2010..

NEVER AGAIN......I hate it...(cause I barely understood how to use it)

It's the other way around for me, I don't understand Windows because I have been using linux for so long.
southbiochem Wrote:Oh, sir you got a dirty mind ...Biglaugh

I was referring to watching bootlegged movies from disreputable sources that tend to have a million malware popups... U dirty boy! Cat
BYoNexus Wrote:If you want a free antivirus, try AVG. It has a completely free antivirus that's pretty good.
I use that one myself, in addition to MalwareBytes & one other thing I can't remember the name of.

I have one PC that I installed Linux on but don't use it very often.
Took a bit of effort to get it set up & working correctly...
No complaints on it (other than I'm not sure you can set it up to share files between it & a Windows PC on a network)

@Bowyn Aerrow: yep Chrome is basically spyware...
I'm a FireFox user myself (along with the 2 most important addons... ABP & NoScript)

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