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Experienced peoples opinions needed please!
Hi there folks! Just wondering from those of you who have been in a relationship before, broken hearted or not, I'd like to hear what you think.

I've never had a relationship with a guy, mainly because I haven't come out, and unsure if I ever[B][/B] will. My question is, is it worthwhile getting into a relationship? Even if it ends badly, breaks your heart and leaves you miserable. Or would I be better never getting into one?
Prior to my relationship with Gideon, I was determined to remain single. I had a good number of hookups, friends with benefits and other such encounters... both male and female. But I had absolutely no interest in having a relationship.

Then.... I met Gideon.

I would say that the value of a relationship depends on who you are in that relationship with. Even then, even a bad relationship will have it's value as a learning experience, if nothing else.

So yes, I'd have to say that relationships (in all their various forms) are worth it. Regardless of the outcome.
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Thanks for the reply. You still think so even though I can't ever see a way where I declare my sexuality publicly? I would be scared of hp being hurt, or getting to a position in a relationship where I may have to get out, and then hurt them.

By the way I don't have anyone in mind. That would also be the difficult thing, actually finding someone to have a relationship with if I decided to.
you have to go for it your life now as we only have one chance at it ...I met an amazing person once but because im an idiot it ended and ill regret been an idiot forever but I will never regret meeting that guy , next time ill be wiser - don't back out just incase you end up miserable ..just come back better prepared
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Having a relationship of the same sex while still in the closet is possible. It has been and is done.

It can be difficult. There are difficulties that exist whether you find someone else in the closet to have a relationship with, or whether your partner is out and yet chooses to protect your secret.

The most difficult part will be finding someone who -you trust- to participate in a secret relationship with. For the trust-issue alone, I suggest another in-the-closet gay. You don't want your secret revealed, they don't want theirs revealed. Thus, an inherently equal trust is there.
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Curious1 Wrote:I can't ever see a way where I declare my sexuality publicly? .


To toss my sixpence into the mix....
It is never a good idea to avoid loving someone and being in a relationship merely because of fear of being hurt or rejected. In fact, even if it does end and end badly, you will still gain something from it, you will learn from it, learn about yourself, about others and in turn you will ultimately grow and be a better person because of it, whether it is positive, negative, ends or lasts a lifetime.
I'm playingthe part of an echo here,
Even if it ends poorly, relationships are a good thing
Just don't be like me and handle a breakup with getting another guy right/soon after
though I can't say I'll be taking my own advice which i take from other people and condense (and I guess use to put myself down, when I look at it.... Do I do that a lot?)
Taking risks in life can lead to rewards. Taking no risks makes you a dull person. The choice is all yours.
Will: Ye., It's worth it. My BF and I have been together 6 years. And during that time, we've hurt each other and had our share of conflict. I think it's inevitable when people are so close. But I wouldn't change a moment of it, and I'm so grateful to have him in my life.
I've outlived two partners. It was worth it.

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