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Extreme Toothache =(
Okay, so here's the problem.

I've got a seriously badly damaged molar on bottom-right of mouth, i.e. so damaged that about a quarter of it's missing.

By the time the dentist actually got round to looking at it (after dealing with three other completely non-urgent teeth, including a scale and polish), about two appointments later, he cheerfully concluded that, and I quote, "Oh, there's not much we can do with that, it'll have to come out eventually I suppose."


But anyway, since then, it's been steadily increasing in pain, and there's no way I could have it removed under local anaesthetic (I've had panic attacks prior to just getting fillings done) so I'm waiting (and waiting and waiting and waiting) to get an appointment at local hospital to get it done under general anaesthetic.


It continues to hurt like hell, to the point where I woke up at half 6 this morning screaming (and scaring the hell out of my friend/on-off-boyf) and am taking a probably unhealthy combo of painkillers to try to keep it tolerable.

Anyway, other than ranting to get that off my chest, was wondering if anyone had any advice on either particularly good painkillers for dealing with toothache and/or other methods of treating it?

Other than yanking it out with pliers myself, as I briefly considered this morning in a moment of pain-crazed psychosis.

Cheers in advance.

Ky xxx
Painkillers I lov'em, Ibuprofen is supposed to help with toothache, theirs this new ibuprofen which is a little stronger out now as well, but you have to have it after you've eaten or you will have stomach trouble.

Maybe you should go back to dentist and ask them to pull it out?
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Meh, stomach trouble over toothache anyday, will maybe give the ibuprofen a shot.

Gonna take a run into town and get some co-codamol later, if it doesn't help much more with the pain, at least i'll be too spaced out to notice at as much. Lolz.

And nah, as I said, I'd literally run shrieking from the dentists room if I got it yanked under local, I've got a mild-to-moderate phobia of dental procedures. My considering doing it myself was just a moment of insanity earlier.

Ky xxx
Yep Ibuprofen prefferably the 400mg ones (4 does the trick for me) and plenty of salt water rinses! Wink

round here they sell some liquid that seems to work on toothaches... let me see if I can find the bottle I have... brb...

over here it is called ANBESOL = Benzocaine and sold over the counter over here!

If unavailable over there you can also get Clove Oil which some dentist still use. It taste real bad so try not to get any on your tongue. Here is directions from wiki: When applied to stop a toothache, a cotton swab - applied directly to the infection site - or a very small piece of oil-soaked tissue paper is placed directly on or in the tooth, to allow for the oil to absorb into the affected area.

good luck and hope you get that appt at the hospital
Whisky another great alternative...and bein Scottish Xyxthumbs

hello woolfe,
When in pain with a toothache the worst thing to do is think about it because your making your mind relax and focus onnit... To ease the pain run a nice warm bath and rest your head inside it... Close your eyes and slowly relax and un-wind... Build your mental strength up babes and get yourself ready fopr a dentist.. I used to have panic attacks but if you think about it... Getting numbed up isnt so bad babes i mean its a tiny prick into the side of your mouth and then left.. Let it numb babes and once its numb do what i do... Close your eyes relax cross your fingers and take slow breathes and deep ones.. I have a massive phobia of needles babes and the thing is once ur numbed up then it dont matter what they do as u cant feel it.. My boyfriend had to have 15 teeth removed due to drug mis-use and also his ex bvoyfriend seriously abusing him in past relationship but he was a wreck and i managed to get him through and into treatment my advice is to just relax take your time and talk it through with dentist its alot better they take it out there and then than wait ages for an appointment
fjp999 Wrote:... over here it is called ANBESOL = Benzocaine and sold over the counter over here!...
Anbesol is available in the UK. Used to be recommended for mouth ulcers.

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