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Favorite Live Performances/Videos
What are some of your favorite live performances? Videos? Concerts? TV Shows? Award Shows? Music Contests?

I watch those the most I think.

I know this is a weird one to start but I LOVE The Manhattan Transfer ...especially live...been following them from the very beginning of their career to today...I have seen them live more than anyone else

On TV my favorite performance was in the early 80s when they sang Birdland at the Grammys..WOW!

But this brief clip with the uber fabulous Ella Fitzgerald is orgasmic (for meBiglaugh)

So here they are...The Manhattan Transfer and Ella Fitzgerald

1986...Manhattan Transfer in Tokyo...Birdand

I have over 40 of their performances on my playlist so I will only pick one more:biggrin:

Tokyo again...Boy From New York City

I LOVE this:

:mad: Because the fraggin embedding is disabled:

I tried seeing it once (prepared to pay the hundreds of dollars to see it per person, which is a HUGE deal for me) while on vacation but found out too late that one had to get tickets WEEKS in advance (and it was on its last couple of weeks or so and coming back wouldn't be practical anyway).

It doesn't show it here but it's a lot of character growth as well.

But the novel is very different from the musical in a great many ways.
Bare feet messed up hair damn sexy, and full of passion.

Lara Fabian - Adagio at the world music awards 2001

And I liked LH accepting an award (not sure why JB wasn't there to accept it with her) for the sexiest TV scene which happened to go to a lesbian show:

And they're right, IMO. That scene (in its entirety, this being a very small sample of it) is one of the few times I got turned on watching. Normally I just shrug scenes like that off, but the elevator scene (in its entirety) got to me.
Pix...I LOVE that too...I watch that clip alot!

Mum...GREAT VOICE! Thanks for turning me on to her...I had never heard of her before.
^ My pleasure , she can transport you.
One of my other most watched performances that thrills me......

George Benson and Jill Scott.....Summertime (they give me goosebumps)

What a woman!

Still wondering what I'll be when I grow up.
I was homered to see a local performance of the "Book of Mormon"
Hasa Diga Eebowai !

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