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Favorite TV Song
I used to have one but ive since forgotten it.... opps lol
bryandurel Wrote:Does anyone remember the short lived ABC sitcom "The Charmings" from the late 80s? It was about a family displaced from Fairy Tale land into the modern world. Sort of like "Once Upon a Time" but less boring.

Yes, I remember that show. It was about snow white & prince charming after they got married & the wicked step mother. I loved that show.
These are 3 of my favorite. I wish I could figure out how to get them to post on the thread like the rest of you have but every time I do, it screws up.

Damn...I almost forgot my favorite one of all time...(I think this is the best show of all time too)


It can still bring a tear to my eye (the song is called Suicide is Painless)...

i like "Life" from Nakashima Mika(japanese woman) that sings for Life (japan drama)
On the inside the theme from Prisoner Cell Block H. Confusedmile:
This brings back sweet memories . . .

It actually fits the show and sport.
The Ultimate Fighter - opening song

Hmmmm....probably the theme to Married...With Children, which is of course, "Love and Marriage" by Frank Sinatra.
the intro to the Game of Thrones was nice.

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