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Favorite gay youtubers v2
I'll just make a new thread for this, since old one is closed. And I can't find the favorite youtubers thread. Or it might've been on another gay forum I saw that thread on Tongue

Been watching some gay youtubers today.

The one I've watched the most is this guy: Matt Crawford
I love that he's so damn confident.
And he has made me laugh a few times now.

DavyWavey is also nice at times. But he's the typical shallow gay guy that I don't like. But he makes a few good videos at least.

Jake Merridew seems nice too.

And that guy who called himself KindaGayblog was good too.
Mark Miller and his boyfriend Ethan Hethcote

Nicola Foti (soundlyawake)

Wylie Phenix
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I really like Zach from channel "Adventure of Zach and B".

BigClivedotcom and Smartech are gay I think??

Most the gay guys on YouTube I follow aren't really likely to talk about their personal lives so not sure really.
[Image: giphy.gif]
Adventures of Zach & B
Matt & Blue
Andrew Goes Places
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Matthew Lush aka GayGod.
Jeffree Star
[Image: 23-taurus.w529.h352.gif]
All the ones I watch are already on here, so I'll just rank the ones I watch. By far the best is Mark Miller with Ethan Hethcote. They are just so incredible to watch, I even bought a tshirt of theirs, everyday is a great day. After that I'd say AndrewGoesPlaces and the Adventures of Zach and B. Followed by Matthew Lush/Gaygod. The lower rankings doesn't mean I don't enjoy them, just which I'd prefer. Last is Joey Graceffa, I consider him a guilty pleasure because he's an asshole.
Shawn Dawson..............
An eye for an eye
Dan1980 Wrote:Shawn Dawson..............

You mean Shane Dawson right?

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