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Favourite Meals
What is your favourite meal?
An eye for an eye
fried chicken ..................
I have to shake it up as anything will get old. That said, offhand, perhaps Thai prawns (and as strange as it sounds, I like to add Thai peanut sauce when I can, usually in the rice).

Speaking of Thai peanut sauce, I once needed something easy to make while low on things to prepare food with. So I heated a can of split pea with bacon, added black pepper and onion, sprinkled some Parmesan into it, and then added BANGKOK PADANG Peanut Sauce before putting in some Cool Ranch Doritos. I felt something was missing so then I put some Sriracha HOT chili sauce (everyone I know calls it "rooster sauce" because of the artwork of a rooster on it) and stirred it. It was so good that even though I was full after I wanted another bowl and wrote that recipe down to have again from time to time as it was so easy to make and yet so good. (I've made creative variations of it. Hmm, I don't think I've had that in at least a year, time to put the ingredients I need on the list of things to get!)

And I saw this recently and realized it was true...ever since I've been helping to raise kids as if they were my own, I have never had leftover pizza again:

[Image: b5123bd05c2f0134be31005056a9545d]

Beyond that, I think I look forward to the seasonal meals the most. Like pumpkin pie, yams, cranberry sauce, and all that this month. And festive Christmas meals.

I'm very fond of omelettes and sausage for breakfast, but I probably only prepare this 2-3 times a month at most. I spice mine up a lot, complete with various peppers (which I prefer are spicy hot), but have to be careful with others as most don't appreciate peppers (one person even found black pepper too hot!).
I don't have a single favorite. I have a LOT of favorites. In no particular order....

Mac & cheese made from from scratch. Beef bulgogi. Pizza with extra cheese, mushrooms, extra pineapple, extra black olives, ham, pepperoni, and beef. Dlsot bibimbap. My mother's coq au vin, OR my mother's garbure (both are spectacular). Teriyaki chicken from the place down the street. Breakfast burgers (beef hamburger, fried egg, bacon, mayo, and cheese on a nice bread). Chicken florentine lasagna, made from scratch by a friend of mine... rare to get my hands on it now that he's moved to Italy.

Now, the list is smaller if this is abut comfort food. For comfort food, there's only one. Grilled cheese and tomato soup.
[Image: Signature500.jpg][Image: Signature502.jpg]
My mom's pisto conn huevo, which is a spicy ratatouille served with a fried egg on top.
"That's just the way it is
Some things will never change
That's just the way it is
Ah, but don't you believe them..."
~~~~~~~~Bruce Hornsby,, "That's Just The Way It Is"
Steak and Ale pie with roast potatoes and a vegetable medley that must include carrots.
All accompanied by a tall glass of sweet Cider.
Rib Eye - Bloody , with a baked potato, and steamed broccoli
[Image: 23-taurus.w529.h352.gif]
Salmon and trout.
Though not alone of course.
Needs some vegetables, some sour cream (like marinate the fish in the cream while having it in a fryingpan in the stove).
My grandmother makes the best salmon dinner.
I like plants and animals mostly.
Sunday roast; Yorkshire puddings, beef/pork/chicken, roast potatoes, roast parsnip, boiled spring greens, garden peas, gravy. For pudding a rhubarb crumble with custard.
[Image: giphy.gif]

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