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Favourite adverts
Hi All,
What adverts do you find can be one that interest you most??? Is there any that make you rememeber a perticular product??? My favourite ones are T mobile adverts as they take thoughts One example uploaded was this.... When they were filming it despite this is my job we were not allowed into this street because they were handing out money... Watch and enjoy

cant figure out how to upload it rfrom u tube lol

keywords: T mobile Brighton traffic warden anyone able to upload the advert for me im a bit dense on this kinda thing lol
Hi Zeon this is how you upload a Youtube video on Gayspeak.

[Image: Youtube.jpg]

Anyways below is a TV ad from Thailand. Thailand produces a lot of hillarious TV ads. This is one of my favorites. You have to watch until the end to get the whole picture of the ad.


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