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Favourite comedy sketches
so it's not about sex or juicy gossip, but it does involve a whole lot more random youtube links and might make you grin Cool

what is your favourite comedy sketch? I've been watching a lot of stand-up lately, for real and on TV, and got thinking what would be my all time favourite.

It can be a song, a section of a show, pretty much anything within time limits!

subtitles for people outside of Scotland/glasgow -

F : we need to talk...
M : what about?
F : I wanna split up.
M : Split up?! what for?
F : I'm fed up. Really fed up. Been fed up for years. We don't go out we don't do anything...
M : I don't understand...this is totally out of the blue, I thought we were getting on; what's happened?
F : Nothing's happened, that's what's wrong... I feel like I'm not... we're not...
M : we're not what? what's wrong? *dons bunny ears*
F : oh I don't know. I'm talking shite just forget about it..
M : is everything alright?
F : yeah...

best way to win back your partner ever
I think I might need some sub-tittles on that Sil :confused:

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