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Favourite subject at school?
Which subject at school did you enjoy the most?
An eye for an eye
History. I always made A's or A+
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History and Art, and sometimes even PE!!!
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Tough question, there were 4 subjects I enjoyed equally, computer science, math, history, and philosophy.

Major was in computer science and information technology, and I was able to learn a few computer languages from the big freaking manuals they had out in the mainframe computer lab. I tutored other students in both CS and math. I always enjoyed running rings around other students in philosophy class when we were debating. History was always just an interest, especially World War II. My WWII history teacher was a flight controller during the Berlin Crisis

Really should have declared a minor in both math and philosophy, I had enough credits in both of those to complete the minors with maybe a few more electives each.
Those who have HATE in their heart are HATEFUL PEOPLE
oh shit, yeah ICT I enjoyed lol!!
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German. Loved it. Bonkers teacher, probably helped.
Troll the respawn Jeremy!
i really loved chemistry .. though my maths wont let me go beyond advanced stoichiometry ..
Physics Herz

Literature was my least favourite.
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Math and art.
''Do I look civilized to you?''
Geography for me, absolutely loved it. Physical geography more than human geography however. Also enjoyed Archaeology and English Smile

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