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Feeling guilty.. Not sure what to do
Hello All,
Tonight i received a message from my friend who ive not met his a guy ive been chatting to online for hmmmmmmm........................ 6 years and his always supported me during me teenage years in helping me out and whatnot...
He tells me he needs some cash and any amount will do as his almost homeless but when i ask how much his rent is he tells me that he cannot tell me that info which leads me to suspect i cannot trust him and i also cannot herlp him but i really want to... I am someone i help my friends out best i can as i value them but by same token i am worried his account may be hacked as i found out something or two i didnt know before such as he got kicked out

any ideas???

kindest regards

zeon x
if he says any amount wud do him good then why r u asking him about his rent amount? Just lend him watever u can.
My pesonnal advice to you would be to trust your'e instincts. You obviosly know this guy fairly well and if you feel somthing is up go allong with your'e feelings. You seem like a nice guy and I dont think for a minute think you would deny your'e friend without good reason. Basically dont feel guilty if youre instinct is not to help him. I wish you all the best in this difficult decision and if you dont mind keep us updated as to how it goes.
This is a tough call, Zeon.

You've never met during the time you've been chatting online? He's not a Russian called Sammy by any chance ...?

I understand the urge to support your friends, but I would suggest a certain caution in this instance.

Whatever happens I fear you're going to feel it's the wrong thing. I don't envy you dealing with this.

Big hugs and good luck.
Hi Zeon,

It is nice to help friends when you can. If you knew him well i d say yes give him what you can and dont expect money back... But when it comes to people online that you never met be very careful. At least before you make any decision confirm it is him you are talking to. Dont feel guilty, there are many frauds on the internet with a moving sotry trying to get money off others and is not unusual to find them people in gay networking sites. Personally I d be suspicious and would not send any money.

Time spent being less than happy is time waistedWavey




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