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Feeling like a selfish bastard...
Thanks a lot for your replies..., I'm sorry for keeping bothering you with this stuff, but writing it out really helps me , and of course your responses help me a lot too, I really appreciate it even if I don't write to thank you...
Well, the problem is on going..., I managed to swallow my desires..., try to cool me down, and only to have sex when he asks for it..., and when it finally happens he preforms oral sex on me, I didn't ever mention penetration again..., until this morning..., he let his computer on and I was just happily browsing through his pictures when I saw some pics of him bottoming for his ex..., I knew it was my fault, I shouldn't have seen that pics, but I was really taking a naive look at it..., and that really disturbed me..., I suppose all those repressed desires just exploded..., I know I wasnt being fair or reasonable with him...,But all I could think about was that he was offering him what I've been dreaming and longing and begging for the last year...
I told him I needed more sex, and he replied I was too focused on sex, and implied I should search professional counseling...
I'm I being that unreasonable? Do you really think knees counseling for desiring my husband too much?
Thank you again for writing and I look forward to read your replies..., even if it's to write that I'm a depraved pervert ...:-(

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