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Okay well I work in Primark and im on tills, and basically today I was standing from like 8am until 7pm, and my feet KILL. Mainly just my heel well the ball of the foot that part? :S I dont know the name, reflexology sites name it the pelvis. But yeh, does anyone know anything I can do to stop this pain?????

Ive had 6 pairs of shoes in 8 weeks, all different styles, had gel inserts and memory foam insoles.. I dont know what to do but it hurts lots Sad so any advice?? I know weird question but it really does hurt lol.
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I learn to love it more and more.
Ask for a chair?

I'm pritty sure they would have to by law.
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We dont have chairs by our tills, and its pretty impossible to do our jobs on a chair lol. No clothes shops have chairs...
[COLOR="Purple"]As I grow to understand less and less,
I learn to love it more and more.
Could ya get an Orthodic to fit an arch in yer shoes?

Those orthotic arch thingies are for people with flat feet. Might be worthwhile getting a friend to have a look at your feet whilst you are standing.

When I left uni and started working I was on my feet all day. My feet bloody killed, slowly though my feet got used to being stood on for hours on end.

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Legally, H&S requires a 15-minute break from a constantly-standing position every three hours, which would give you a chance to rest your feet. If your employer isn't complying with that, contact your local CIPD, auditors should be able to come in and speak to your employer about their H.R. practices.

There should be some restorative exercises available via your G.P. if not online to use during that break that'll keep your feet healthy, but if you feel it's really damaging your health, contact your local H&S officer about it, your employer's legally obliged to ensure that your working conditions don't cause physical impairement and can't take issue with you for reporting concerns to Health & Safety.

Hope things work out, and if you need advice on H.R. (inc. H&S law) just shout me up. =)

Ky xx
Woah.. It isnt the company going against the legal requirements, they fulfil all that are needed. I need to stress that... The seat isnt a legal requirement and having a seat would mean I wouldnt be able to do my job. But yeh its nothing to do with the company like. I mean if they wern't considering im doing a BA in business and study in depth all issues I wouldnt hesitate in taking the actions needed. So not the company...

Its just like does anyone not know anything which is simple to relieve the pain? Just ANYTHING easy? Like home remedy sort of things..
[COLOR="Purple"]As I grow to understand less and less,
I learn to love it more and more.
Hot water soak and a foot massage! Xyxthumbs

What types of shoes have you been wearing??

I find wearing boots can help a little.

You could try using that Ibuprofen gal stuff, I used that before when I twisted my ankle. It really works well and lasts about 4 hours at a time but you can put as much as you like on it and still take tablets.
Probably not a lot of use to you while you are an impoverished student, but have you considered investigating a therapy such as Alexander Technique? I'm sure there would be something there to help with posture that might relieve the stress on the feet as you experience it currently.

Have you spoken to the others doing your job? Do they say it's something you build up stamina for?

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