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Finally cleaning my facebook list...Feels good!
I originally got Facebook to stay in contact with my family in friends in Sydney and reconnect with people from my past. Like Bowyn I got addicted to a couple of games and my 'friends' list blew out to almost 1000, so one day I sat down and deleted 900 of them, set my profile settings to private and hey more trolls.

Still get a few friends requests, but if I don't know you and if I wouldn't let you into my house, you're not going to get on my Facebook Smile
Would you let me in for a beer? I don't drink, make that a sparkling water.... Confusedmile:
Quiet a lot of people here that I would invite in for a beer or sparkling water, you're one of them Wink
You know, we should just start our own social network site - "LGBT Ladies, Gents, Beer,and Tea served here" :tongue:
Lol, Blue, that's a thought.... Confusedmile:
That would be a nice thought Smile
Lots of social networking though gets corrupted quickly.. :|
I remember when everyone was making the switch from myspace to facebook.
Now it's twitter...
I might only be 19, but I see it as a poison now.
I choose not to use my facebook anymore for personal stuff, I will share pictures with friends and chat with them but no more personal stuff!

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