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Finding the Cute guys in a Carls Jr commercial
Was watching the tube the other day and saw for the first time a commercial about this new BBQ pulled pork burger at Carls Jr.

While I admit the two girls fighting and slinging meat at each other are beautiful. Being gay, they just don't do it for me. But there were two hot cute guys in the commercial and I couldn't help but notice the sign behind them. "Flaming Sauce"- Sounds kinky and I know what they're talking about but I just couldn't help myself.Laugh
Can't post the url yet since I'm a newbie, but I'll get there.
Hope this doesn't get me in trouble, but I did make a donation.

Here's the You Tube link minus the hypertext, or just search for Carls Jr pork.

the boys were cute. they looked dumb found, innocent, there is still hope for them. I like their booth had all the american flags around it and of course the "Flaming Sauce" sign

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