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Also, sometimes they don't have the desired effect...

(05-21-2021, 09:15 PM)InbetweenDreams Wrote:
(05-21-2021, 08:35 PM)calgor Wrote: I've never been a gun owner and likely never will. I am curious if a gun is purchased for protection are you defeating the purpose by locking it in a box? For example if someone breaks into your house you have to get the key, find the box, unlock it and remove the gun, and unlock the gun. All that time may be more than you have to respond.

You do raise a good point. If you keep a gun at home, yes, you generally would want to keep it out of reach from other family members, kids and so on. If you have a concealed carry permit you should keep the gun on you at all times. Many suggest keeping one in the chamber, but I'm not going to tell people what is best for them. Having to "rack the slide" does add response time and there are scenarios where that can put you in danger.

In North Carolina a person can purchase a gun without a concealed carry permit, but must get a purchase permit from their local Sheriff's office. In NC you are allow to conceal a firearm on your property as I understand it.

Quote:On a totally different tangent, does anyone know if stun guns are available for sale to the general public for protection? Wouldn't they provide security for most home invasion type incidents?

You can buy stun guns, but they're not always a good choice, such as in cases where someone is really close to you. Maybe they have a gun pointed at you or they're coming at you with a knife. If I were to suggest anything I would only use a Taser gun that shoots a projectile. Likewise, these weapons may require a concealed carry permit depending on your state's laws. A lot of the stuff on Amazon and alike aren't worth the time.

The thing about home invasions is there's often very little time. Stun guns, Taser guns, etc you may only have one shot to hit the intruder...whereas with a 9mm pistol you can have 12 or more shots (some magazines can hold 18 bullets depending on the size of the ammunition such as 9mm, 357 SIG, .40, etc). If you were asking me, if you're in a state with a castle doctrine, there is nothing better than a gun.

Going back to the issue of having quick access to your firearm at home, it varies. If you live alone you can simply keep it near your bed or in a drawer. However, you have to consider your options, especially with kids and so forth. I'm certainly no expert, but it is important for to keep the gun secured.
I see your point about the stun gun being one and out. Miss and you're likely a footnote in history.
Forbes reports that West Virginia is raffling off rifles and shotguns as an inducement for people to get vaccinated. Seems like there must be a better way.
@calgor I heard something to that effect but hadn't looked into it. I know Ohio had a lottery winner, someone got $1 million to get the vaccine. Frankly, I think the lottery should be retroactive...if you got the vaccine early on you should have a chance to win but that's just me being a bitch and wanting large sums of money.

That being said, I agree, I don't think giving away guns willy nilly is the best thing to do. Perhaps it should be limited to those who have a CCW already. Then again, my current stance on people getting firearms is that they're not crazy, not ex-felons and can demonstrate some level of proficiency of using the gun (safety and marksmanship).
@InbetweenDreams I agree with you about the vaccine lotteries being retroactive. Like next time is everyone just gonna wait for the lottery before bothering to get jabbed? The gun raffle seems so unnecessary to me. Why not just raffle off some gift cards and let the winners decide how to use them. If you win and want to buy a gun with it so be it, but dangling the guns like carrots given the current state of affairs in the country leaves a sour taste in my mouth.
@calgor is West (Coal is coming back!) Virgina....
The Human Race is Insane.
@Karl Rand So, what does that song tell you?
(06-04-2021, 08:05 PM)InbetweenDreams Wrote: @Karl Rand So, what does that song tell you?
Nothing I didn’t know already.
The Human Race is Insane.
(06-05-2021, 01:01 AM)Karl Rand Wrote: Nothing I didn’t know already.

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