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For the love of dogs
Do Dogs go to Heaven?

Absolutely unreal that this actually happened!
These two churches face each other across a busy street.

[Image: cid_51C80A46-F1F8-4F51-AE61-FAA2A87A3BDB.jpg]

[Image: cid_B0D507EA-AD1D-4FFD-A27F-1F2E390E16D8.jpg]

[Image: cid_6BCE7E54-299B-4565-A954-22986863D735.jpg]

[Image: cid_6290A175-7A01-4B73-ADBA-A8BA858C7423.jpg]

[Image: cid_3F09C62D-7380-4236-BB63-586AD4F0398D.jpg]

[Image: cid_2EEAA231-3F4E-4E63-BD4B-74615543344F.jpg]

[Image: cid_60704AFD-B684-491B-8727-ADCE09613E7B.jpg]

[Image: cid_779D65A4-BC8A-4C64-BCA1-E8B9E5A1BD4A.jpg]

[Image: cid_0CF5164C-FF3F-4937-B3B5-159ECD8B593A.jpg]
GOSH! Get them in a boxing ring.

doG's are heaven Smile
Hahaha! For some reason (not to spark any debate; just what honestly came to mind) I imagined the current US presidential candidates in these two positions. Great YouTube video idea, anyone?
Dogs don't need a soul they are angels.
lol, I would be embarrassed if I went to the Beulah church. I don't know why some people think just going to church makes you a good person:tongue:
I think it's the attitude some, not all, church goers have of "I'll do whatever I want all week then confess or pray for forgiveness on Sunday and. it's okay."

I'd be embarrassed to go to either church, it is a bit petty for them to do that.
I agree Blue , they are so childish.
The catholic one at least seems to have a sense of humor about it. Because it's an inherently ridiculous argument. Besides, if anyone's getting into heaven, it'll be dogs before people.
So... would I be bursting anyone's bubble if I told you this was just some decent Photoshop work? Other than the letters on the signs, every other aspect of each photo is exactly the same, including the shadows of the trees, cars in the background, sun angles, and camera angles. I think that someone may have found that a Google search couldn't locate an area with both church names in the same town. Therefore, this was a clever hoax, and these churches did not waste their time on this otherwise cute discourse.

That said, whoever came up with it was uber clever!


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