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Formula 1
Just a question??? Do any other Gay Guys enjoy Formula 1 Racing??Confusedmile:
I'm Bi if that counts?

I don't my family loves it though, I'm the black sheep.

Only thing I've ever liked about cars are hotrods that about the extent of my interest in cars (chevvy 49 pickup's rule) Laugh.
Oh is that where all the red necks watch cars take left turns for hours? Rofl
Not really...I much prefer A1,it gets crazy when it comes to SA.My brother is a die hard F1 fan,he wakes up at ungodly hours to watch live races.
Dan1089 Wrote:Not really...I much prefer A1

I love A1 too.. It goes really good on my streaks.
Im Bi, but yea I love Formula 1, however I only really care about Lewis! I used to love Michael Sch before he retired!

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