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Forum signatures
So to be a little bit creative at times, I try making those forum signatures that most of you probably have seen a few times.

Lately I've been feeling extra creative.
And imo, some of them have turned out pretty nice.

I made this one yeasterday, I like it, but something is missing.
[Image: ophiel2_copy_by_des_gfx-daojbo6.png]

[Image: codeangel_copy_by_des_gfx-danf214.png]
Wish I had removed that wing shit on the right side.

[Image: eriosig_copy_by_des_gfx-damvwjg.png]
Love the background I created, but hate that I didn't manage to blend the anime girl in. Forum signatures is supposed to look like one image, and not look like there's several images just slapped on each other.

[Image: harleyquinn_copy_by_des_gfx-dam2ubv.png]

[Image: glowingorb_copy_by_des_gfx-dalyr5c.png]

A few others, not lately:
[Image: alienrogue_copy_by_des_gfx-d8ykxlp.png]
[Image: obitosig_copy_by_des_gfx-d86vz6n.png]
[Image: mothernaturesotw_by_des_gfx-d84iiq6.png]
[Image: neptunesig_by_des_gfx-d7xv93z.png]
[Image: ryuuko_matoi_sig_by_des_gfx-d7fuq5l.png]
[Image: kurako_by_des_gfx-d4yya83.png]
[Image: 57d2e3126c773a46c81f6fadc0015299-d4ybhs0.png]
[Image: hellrider_by_des_gfx-d4jrsn9.png]

I can do "real" photomanipulations too, but if I were to bother with big projects, it would take more patience than what I have.
The sigs are photomanipulations. We use a character, mostly, and then add effects (like those things that look like a flame in the first one here), or change stuff on the characters, like the hair.
They all look cool mate
An eye for an eye
[Image: capamerica_copy_by_des_gfx-dap1lmg.png]
I don't like it. I liked it up until I certain point though Tongue
Think I'll go with 500 width on sigs from now on. 400 looks a bit cramped Tongue
wow .. so fuckin delicious Ibex .. i didnt know you were artistic .. i used to create banners for a different forum that i joined and still am a member of .. you are definitely a talent to behold .. i tell you .. haha ..
I signed back into a forum I haven't been active on for 10 years.
So made a new set to use on there for a bit.

[Image: levisig_copy_by_des_gfx-dap58q8.png]
[Image: leviava_copy_by_des_gfx-dap59y4.png]
Ooh, so much color.

If I had a siggy it would probably be something very simple--a few words maybe. Something like:

"Only his hairdresser knows for sure."
Ibex Wrote:I signed back into a forum I haven't been active on for 10 years.
So made a new set to use on there for a bit.

[Image: levisig_copy_by_des_gfx-dap58q8.png]
[Image: leviava_copy_by_des_gfx-dap59y4.png]

I love it gurl . I always make little stories around graphic art, such as in my Signature. It's also how I write poems.

Like, for this Levi sig you did:


"The light and shadow..
I fight hard on this day.
It's all for the sake of Peace."

I luh de vibe enuh! Sheep

[Image: Bhq8UAkIUAEuRRT.jpg]

Worst thing(s) about making these is the last few steps that I do. Blurring the background, using dodge tool and burn tool (makes stuff darker or brighter. It's to create depth). And then there's the position I am in with my arm, it hurts my shoulder to have it like that Tongue
Those last few steps is so boring to do, but they're pretty essential in making good sigs.

I'm currently making a new sig. And I'm mostly pleased with the result actually.
Finally done with the project of this week.
I've put much more work into this one that what I usually do.

[Image: yourlieinapril_copy_by_des_gfx-dar6dn1.png]

Quicky but a goody
[Image: yourlieinaprilava_copy_copy_by_des_gfx-dar6eah.png]
[Image: lenspaceboy_by_des_gfx-dasi766.png]
[Image: lenkagamisomething_by_des_gfx-dasi7jn.png]
If anyone wants to wear this here or on another forum, they can. Just don't claim that it was you who made it. If you credit it under the sig, link to my deviantart

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