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Frist British UFO hacker faces Guantanamo
This is a very interesting story. British Gary McKinnon is accused to have hacked into Nasa's computers and is the FIRST British citizen to be extracted to the USA for similar offences. He faces up to 60 years in prison . He is 42 now so he is going to be released at age 102!! Dont you love the maths?!

Here is the story 'UFO hacker' being extradicted from U.K. to U.S. - Network World

There is no excuse for breaking to anyone's computer especially when national security is involved. However NASA now claims he caused $700.000 worth of damages but of course what damages he made are not clarified. Is this how much they had to spend to make their system secure? It is their responsibility to do so and avoid the embarrassment after all. Mr. McKinnon said he didnt make any particular effort to break in to their system ,it was as if was login like a member staff.

The reason he hacked NASA has not been emphasised as much as the allegations. He was looking for information about UFOs. McKinnon said : I found evidence of what i was looking for.
NASA for years now have denied they had any contact or prove of UFO's although the conspiracies and the witnesses who claimed they have seen those have been too many since 1950's.

Since McKinnon was the first British citizen to be extracted to the USA for similar offences i wonder why now, why him? Exposing NASA for hiding information from the people for so many years must be embarrassing but too late to think of that now. Seems that when traces of the truth comes out mental institutions and prisons open a position.
Lies lies lies... about the nuclear bombs in Iraq,lies for decades now about extraterrestrial evidence who knows what else. Who is going to sue NASA and the Pentagon for lying or are they untouchable?

Time spent being less than happy is time waistedWavey




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