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Fucked Up
Has anyone else been in one of those situations with certain people in their lives that just seems really totally fucked up and twisted?? :frown:
Yes like having your best friend falling in love with you! When I was younger I thought that is really sweet but then after this happend to me I am totally freaked out.
thank you! that is part of the situation I am in! thank you for replying! It is scary when it happens. Especially because I'm gay and she's a girl!! I'd rather avoid it but now with her behaviour, she is starting to treat me like shit and get clingy and needy and I can't deal with it. So I took a break and now she's trying to make me feel guilty for taking that break. Like I'm doing wrong.

That is only half the story...

What is your story bammbamm?
Just tell her unless she suddenly sprouts hair on her chest, grows a cock (and NOT a strap on !) and a pair of bollocks you're not interested. Turn it into something funny and throw it back at her. Once she sees you're finding it more of a joke she should ease up a bit.

O boy, where do I start? My best friend fell in love with me. His my wing man, we would always go out together. We would go out after work on the scene in Soho and end up at my place. Same thing over weekends. The night will end with him sleeping next to me but it wasn’t a problem as I saw him as a really good friend that I trusted and loved.

He became a good friend towards my family and friends and everyone saw the friendship that we had and would say with out thinking that we would make a great couple (at first we laughed but after awhile we thought about it). He was single and my b/friend was in Prague.

He fell in love with me and every time we went out and got hammered he would get upset if I kissed someone. Later he didn’t want to sleep at my place anymore. It just got to a point that I had to make him move on. For awhile I tried to make him go out with every guy he met but he always seemed to still be infatuated with me.

We still good friends and I will always love him but not in the way he wanted it to be. I have some now that I am so in love with and I spend all my time with him.

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