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Fuel Cell Cars "By next fall"?
Toyota is reporting that it's hydrogen fuel-cell powered Mirai will hit the market next fall. The car, which they claim can accelerate 0-60 in nine seconds and travel 300 miles on one fueling, emits only water vapor as exhaust. It retails at $57,000. Honda has its own hydrogen-powered vehicle in the works, appropriately named the Concept.

Toyota Fuel-Cell Car Expected Next Fall

PC Magazine
Well (huffing),,,, I ain't paying 57 thousand for a car that's slower than a snail-going-up-hill.

I do like that it gets 300 miles before a refill....
We Have Elvis !!
Looks like a step in the right direction, but as with all things like this, it will probably be less than perfect when it is first released. I think I'll wait awhile for all the kinks to be worked out before I even think about purchasing one (not to mention, wait for the price to lower! 57k... holy shit!). Pretty cool tho!

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