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Fun Place
Hi everyone!

My name is DeeJay Arens and I am an author. My debut novel is "The View From a Rusty Train Car".

My partner and I will be celebrating 15 years together on May 5th. We own a vocational rehabilitation firm and a production company. Looking forward to meeting all of you!
Hello and welcome to GS - sounds like you're a busy guy. Congratulation on your novel.
Hello and welcome! :3
You do sound really busy, and kudos on the book!
I'm trying to get a novel written, but it's still in the plotting phase.
I have a second one I write only when I'm angry. It's more of an emotional release than something I plan to fully finish and get published.

What is your book about if I may ask?
Welcome to Gayspeak
Thanks, everyone.

Rae, here is the synopsis for my book!

“No one talks about what happens when you fall in love with the boy next door -- not when you’re the boy living beside the boy next door.”

Jared didn’t want to do it, but it had to be done. Someone had to sit before the government hearing to explain why a gay man was nothing to be vilified, nothing to be hated or feared... that he was just a man. That is what Jared Montgomery is determined to do. He does so by sharing his story – his and Luke’s story – in the hopes that perhaps even just one more person could understand.

Luke and Jared were battling the odds from the beginning. Growing up beside each other, being best friends, they soon learned that if they wanted to share each other’s company, it had to be done in secret, in the confines of the old train car behind the junkyard. There, they were free of the taunts and jibes, the ridicule and hatred... or were they?

Unable to embrace who he is, unable to deal with the tactics used by his family to ‘cure’ him, Luke forces himself into a traditional marriage that is doomed from the start. His true, self-denied love for Jared, and the hatred surrounding it, is killing him. The question is, can Jared get to him before it is too late?

Best of luck on yours! Hope to read it one day! Smile
Wow! That sounds fantastic! 8D I'd love to read it!
hey , welcome ~
Hi welcome to GS. Smile
An eye for an eye
Welcome to GS.

Sounds like you will fit right in. We have a few budding and published authors amongst usSmile

Hello and welcome.
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