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Fun image quiz
Getty images set up a quiz that's quite fun and interesting to take:

Getty quiz

It asks different questions, but you answer through images, not verbally. I thought that was interesting.

What I got as the result (the connoisseur):

Quote:In search of Artistry picture speaks a thousand words and you're the image of a true visionary. Bored by the ordinary, humdrum is not a shade you wear well - you're more likely to blaze your own trail than offer blind obedience to the popular consensus. Keeping ahead of the curve is your kind of style, though your exacting habits can sometimes tip you into perfectionism. If life imitates art, then your refined taste sees you following your ideas through to their conclusion - just remember, while some will be inspired by your single-minded vision, others may not see it the same way.

92% openness
96% extraversion
24% emotion
7% conscientiousness
2% agreeableness
is what it thinks I have.

[Image: surface-level-view-of-yellow-road-markin...?s=170667a]

[Image: ice-cave-svinafellsjokull-glacier-icelan...?s=170667a]

[Image: double-exposure-of-a-young-woman-and-tre...?s=170667a]
''Do I look civilized to you?''

Here's a snapshot of your personality, handily broken down into five key areas. Together they make up the balance of who you are.

Openness reflects your willingness to embrace new and unfamiliar experiences.
Conscientiousness determines how you control and act on your impulses.
Extraversion reflects how engaging with the outside world affects your energy levels.
Agreeableness indicates your concern for the happiness of social groups.
Emotional stability reflects your intuitive response to events.
Your browsing trend: second-nature image chaser

To see the world through your eyes is to view it in powerful pictures, such is your self-exposure to imagery. Photos are more than just a passing fancy for you; they offer the potential to spark your passions, opinions and ideas, helping you to articulate your point of view without the need for words. Your creative sensitivity means that the images which capture your attention are as likely to spark a conversation as the love you have for cars. Judging by your browsing habits, your passion for imagery runs deeper than idle interest. We share the sentiment.

You never let good taste get in the way of good art.

You're bucking all trends when it comes to your image choices, often opting for a lesser-selected image over the popular choice. Your selections are as eclectic as your taste is niche, suggesting that you're open to all manner of creative directions, though it looks as though others may not always be on the same page.

Getty recommends

Images chosen just for you.

[Image: 163891761]

[Image: 462809599]

[Image: 481054093]

[Image: 488750375]

[Image: 186561012]
[Image: giphy.gif]
I started doing this, and then it felt so creepy to be so data mined, putting cookies on my device, and knowing the data would be sold, that I stopped. Welcome to the 21st century, where the consumer is the product.

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