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Game: My 'To do' List
This is a new game i just invented! I am so impressed with myself i might just faint now Biggthumpup

Game rules:
  • We write here things we want to do in a period of time no longer than ONE month.
  • When you finished doing something on your list you tick it off (V) and get 10 points.
  • If two months pass by 5 points are being deducted from your score for each thing you haven't done.
  • If you have something else you want to add on your list simply edit your post.
  • Lists can be as long as you want but better no longer than 20 goals.
  • Only start a new post after the 1 month period ends to start a new list.

Here is mine so you see what i mean!!!

Date: 19 July - 19 August
  1. Decorating my room V
  2. Call Mum tomorrow
  3. Job hunting
  4. Meeting Julian for coffee
  5. Go Skydiving.
Total: 10 points
Date: 19th July - 19th August 2009

1. Tidy my room
2. Get a boyfriend
3. Fix the scuff on my car that some bad driver did whilst I was parked! :mad: (yes they drove off without leaving any details since I wasn't there.
4. Go to Jersey (guaranteed points :p )
5. Complete all my overdue college assignments (4 left to do, 1 of which is nearly done)
6. Get through my work's inspection this week without any personal negative points (as opposed to general/group negatives)

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