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Gay Advocates to Cops: Spot Gay-on-Gay Violence

i wonder if this issue can be discussed on facts and not ad hominem attacks from people who have me on ignore who haven't even read the post -i cant make this stuff up these people have me on ignore then argue -its sort of funnyRolleyes

says one gay advocate of a workshop attended by police—who walked out. “As soon as we started in on the content, one officer asked: 'Why are we here? This is just like our diversity training. This is a waste of our time.'"

Judges routinely issue restraining orders against both parties in a relationship, unable to spot the abuser—who then becomes empowered, advocates say. Or police fail to identify a troubled relationship as gay, assuming the pair are roommates or friends. At times, even gay abuse victims will hide their sexual identity for fear of being outed. For now, gay advocates are staying friendly with police and planning a vigil for the recent deaths. "If this number of people had died" because of straight violence on gays, says one, "people would be saying this is a crisis."
Well it sounds like there does need to be more effort to understand who is the abusive partner in an abusive homosexual relationship rather than having a Judge just issuing a blanket restraining order against both parties.

How that is achieved I don't know.

What is your opinion on the matter?
the as yours i guess

is it this way in all cities?

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