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Gay Bashing In Colorado Springs .. Mayor Won't Sign Resolution Denouncing Hate Crimes
Found this one on YouTube last night while searching for something else:

On July 3, two male and 1 female dancer at a local gay night club, along with 1 male and 1 female security guard were at a fast-food restaurant after work.

5 men and 2 women who came into the restaurant and began yelling gay slurs. There was some pushing and shoving and the gay people tried to leave and go to their car. The group followed them into the parking lot and beat them

Neither the mayor nor the city council will sign a resolution denouncing hate crime and neither will issue a proclamation acknowledging this weekend's PrideFest celebration.

Then found this through Google:

Sad that crap like this is still going on Sad
you can carry guns in colorado, legally, like on your person
You think this crap would be over by now Sad
In my never ending quest to give the other guy the benefit of the doubt, I have to wonder if there is perhaps another reason, other than the mayor and city council being bigoted pigs, for them to not call this a hate crime? Without any background in law, I have to wonder if, since it's an ongoing case and they don't have the ability to declare a guilty party, if somehow the perpetrators got off they could then sue the mayor or council for defamation for preemptively calling it a hate crime? Just wondering if it could be something like that...
Glock30 - Yep you can carry guns in CO, but you need a "concealed carry permit" if you want to carry a concealed weapon with you.

musicman2229 - Since Colorado Springs is a smaller and quite conservative town I don't even know if it has any type of GLBT hate crimes laws.

On a good note..according to the TV news that weekend, at least there were no problems at their pridefest (I didn't go since I have no interest in visiting that town - especially after seeing the original youtube video & online news reports .. plus its hour long drive there LOL).

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