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Gay Rappers?
well, there's Deep Dickollective - good images and nice message, but kind of crappy hip hop - it'll come in time
Can't believe no one has mentioned QBoy!

Here are one or two others
Stevia Smoke

So Gangsta :redface:

Qboy yellow flower good message
could not understand what was said in the live unfortunately bad sound system
Stevia Smoke another good message
So Gaynsta wow what a surprise play to the stereo type and rap about sex with porno rap

some good some bad as with all forms of art
Paul Barman - pretty good for well structured rhymes, truly poetic and comic
Gift of Gab
Scroobius Pip
Prince Paul (genius) + handsome boy modelling school (prince + Dan the Automator)

Sadly they're all straight, but all of these are MCs I truly believe to be making fresh music, using language and imagery rather than boasting. Gangsta rap became so popular that it's easy to see why people still pick up shit like Lil John, 50 cent, Snoop (what happened to you man? Sad ) , DMX... it's not hip hop, it's just thugs who get records made.
WOOH! Thanks so much everyone for all the recommendations! Qboy is hot Big Grin
i like stevia smoke and qboy when i heard kryptonite i thought it was hilarious but the beat is Awesome
Hey NYU STUDENT, I just saw this post--there are ALOT of gay rappers in the NY area alone there are many:
Sonny Lewis
LOCO(well known hiphop dancer/actor/reality tv personality and overall positive sexy guy)
Bone Intell (NJ)
Lester Greene
King Jabbar

just to name a few. All are multi-talented and intelligent guys--Lester is stepping up his gay acting and SOCE is attending Yale.

Infinite she's incredible...

Nationwide not enough room to list them all. I know for a fact cuz I know many personally or play them exclusively on my online station which plays only "urban" gay artists which includes RnB/club as well as top rated podcasts shows. We have in database 1500 tracks--200 artists; all something to proud about.

The mindset that rap is just some nursey rhymes set to scratching albums is well--outdated and kindda discounting someone's talents(s). Things have changed. Is there lyrics that talk about sex? Sure--but so is TV which shows the images.

Music reaches the masses--and I believe can help bring equility to the LGBT community.

Can't give the link to my station but if you google "K-zone187" you should be able to track the site down. Or check on shoutcast or itunes for it. Just know that there are many talented rappers and singers out there that are not just performing but are "OUT" and attempting to help make a difference as well as entertain the masses. Almost every artist I know is in someway a activist--if they didn't start out as one they usually end up one due to their own experiences helping them down that direction.

Outside of NY try Verbal Science, Kevin "Kaoz" Moore, Timm'm West, The Qure, Young Doe(female), Bry'Nt, Solomon...gosh the list like I said could go on!

"Dangerour Mind...Kaution is advised."
Everyone is KILLING it with the suggestions! Thanks so much and pleaaaze keep em coming! I'm building a pretty amazing playlist right now Big Grin
I didn't realize there were that many gay rappers out there. So many from NY too... but hey what do you expect? Hip-hop/rap was started in NY. That is truly something.
Cutieboy Wrote:I didn't realize there were that many gay rappers out there. So many from NY too... but hey what do you expect? Hip-hop/rap was started in NY. That is truly something.

WORD! New York wins.

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