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Gay "out" and PROUD
I am very proud to be a gay out sissy here in Myrtle Beach SC. I have been out for over twelve years and it feels great to not have to be straight acting anymore.
I love being extremely feminine and sissy 24/7.
Kelly Michaels
Michael Dickey    
Welcome to GS. Smile
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Fish2 Welcome to the Forum Fish2
your very cute 1luvu
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Welcome to the most wonderful group of forum posters ever!
Hey Michael D, welcome! That's awesome you posted pics right away so we get to see you. We have at least one other person from SC in here too, BTW. Hope you become an active forum member.
Welcome to the forum!

I've been to Myrtle Beach, awesome place!
[COLOR="RoyalBlue"]"And freedom, oh freedom well, that's just some people talkin'
Your prison is walkin' through this world all alone"[/COLOR]
BTW Kelly, until you reach 50 posts, some of your posts may be held for moderation...this helps discourage trolls and spammers, but can be a little annoying. So...go to the Word Games section and build up your post count...I bet you have some interesting stories to tell...

I've been to Myrtle Beach too, I love the SC coast and the islands.
Hi welcome to GSSmile
An eye for an eye
Hello and welcome Smile

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