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Gay people in science
I wonder what people think about gay people in science, or being gay in general.

I have gay and straight friends too, but only a few of them studies some field of science.
Do you have any thoughts? I've got confused... I know there are people who "can't understand being gay", that's ok, but I can't accept them insulting gay fellows just because of their homosexuality.

Any ideas are appreciated! Talker
Personally I think being gay is totally natural, all animals to an estent exhibit homosexuality. I did make a poster earlier about it might be a mechanism as a prezygotic barrier to prevent reproduction so it's hard wired into the brain making it totally natural. I don't know there are lots of theories about homosexuality and there could be alot of other factors.
Very interesting! Is that poster avaiable to see in some way?

Another point is that it is frustrating how gay people tend to cumulate in fields such as arts. I have started to feel very lonely lately with my interest in chemistry and astronomy.. Cry
I could make it available, I'll have to find it though it's on my university workspace. Oh btw Andy has made us a new science section! :-)
Ok, can't wait!

Yes I know, I already wanted to post there, but unfortunately I am not yet allowed to post threads with links in it so... Have to post more! Smile
Indeed, get a posting! Haha but don't spam lol
For some reason there are not that many gay people in science. Though, there are probably more than we realize.

A good friend of mine is currently in graduate school pursuing a double masters in Literature (poetry) and Geology (geochemistry) and spent the past summer at the Los Alamos National Laboratory doing research on the sequestration of carbon and nuclear waste materials. I called her before Christmas, and we got into a discussion about the gay community at the University she is attending (she is trying to get me to go back to school for my masters). She said that most of the gay people she new at the University were in the Geology Department and that over half of her graduate comity in Geology was gay. I was surprised, because i would have thought that they would be in the English Department. So, there are certainly gay scientists out there.

Also, most of the biological, sociological, and psychological studies done on GLBT topics have been conducted by GLBT scientists. That has certainly lead to accusations of bias from some others in the field.
i dont see how been gay would limit your carrer choices,, i just feel that not everyone wants the entire world to know they are gay,, some people are more private but im sure the science world has as many gay guys as any other vocation
I don't think there are a lack of gays in science. Arts people are in general more extroverted (from my experience) so they are more out going and therefore visible.

I organise software development (a science of sorts, certainly it is a numerate profession where most people have science degrees) conferences in Scotland and it occurred to me at one conference that of the speakers and organisers there were ~20% gay/bi. That's quite a good number, I think.

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#10 makes for an interesting read.

In essence it was problematic to be out in the scientific community 30 years ago, today it is much easier, yet many may remain in their closet for political reasons. Science is highly political.

As in most any other career, there is a lot of politics in the structure. It is know-who (more than know-how) that gets people into cushy jobs, gets them set for tenure and all of that other wonderful stuff. Few scientists become well known, or will have a significant breakthrough to be added to the list of well known names like Newton, Einstein, Hawking.

Social climbing within the ranks comes with expectations as with any other business, part and parcel of that is having a 'family', wife child(ren) and living the 'ideal dream' that is expected from society.

Not too long ago in order for a man to climb up the corporate ladder he had to have the trophy wife who would do the social scene within the circles of the corporation. It is no longer absolutely necessary, however a man having a husband is going to be a stumbling block because peers and the individuals who decide your fate are often bigots.

While no one in polite society will come out and say openly 'We are passing you up for this job because your skin is too dark, you don't worship the right God, you are not straight - they still do pass those up who don't meet their 'core values'.

No one is fired in the USA for being Black, Asian, Gay, Jewish, Female - least ways not on paper. They are fired and the real reason is skin color, sexual preference, gender, age, religious standing, etc. etc. etc. The only reason why this is not the 'official reason we are letting you go' is because it is illegal to discriminate. So make up reasons that don't break the law.

The scientific arena is a blood sport, cut throat and very deadly. One minor mistake and your professional standing is ruined forever. If you fail to publish first, you get no credit and if you dare say 'I thought of it first' you are all but drummed out of the laboratory.

Pure science hasn't taken place since the days of Bell, Edison and the like. But even then politics raged. Look at poor Tesla - he was a great scientific genius who got on the bad end of the politics of science.

Politics. Who invented the light Bulb? If you said Edison, I'm sorry you are a victim of Scientific Politics.

J.W. Starr developed the light bulb using a carbon filament inside a vacuüm bulb in 1845. After Starr died, Sir Joseph Wilson Swan continued to work on the design and patented a carbon filament bulb in 1879.

This is only one minor instance of Scientific Politics- its merely the tip of the iceberg

The politics are so bad that many will hide in the closet in order to have full access to every opportunity. They must - if they don't they go no where fast.
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