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how many of you admit to having it? as for me, i do have it i think .. i can sense gayness in a man or tell if he is gay like saying i can see a rainbow around him or maybe sometimes that i smell roast beef .. lol ..but sometimes a man's gayness can be so hidden in him that it is beyond my gaydar powers.

i may be a hypocrite for saying this but once your gayness has been set in stone (as i remember Beaux saying) that gaydar is and will forever be integrated into your character/psyche like a smoke detector. some of you might believe that it is inborn for the born this way believers out there .. but tell me .. do you feel thankful for having been given (for those who have it) this delightful clairvoyant gift to you...? and let me ask .. does every gay man have it or are there those running around without a clue? peace! ..
I think I'm pretty good at sniffing the gays out from the crowd, it's worked in the past Wink

However it has also failed me in spectacular fashion!!!!
Mine's broken. I want to return it...
axle2152 Wrote:Mine's broken. I want to return it...

That's what you get for buying from the Acme catalogue
Can't say that I have it. A gay guy could fall on my head, and I wouldn't know.
''Do I look civilized to you?''
I can usually tell when a guy is gay. Some guys throw me off, but I'd guess that 7, 8 times out of 10 I can tell.
Although some slip -under- my gaydar here and there, when I do pick up someone's orientation, I'm rarely wrong.

I don't see "gaydar" as being a form of clairvoyance. I think it's instinct combined with observation. Subconsciously, you pick up on very subtle cues and your subconcious then lets you know what you need/want to know.

Not all gay men have it. In fact, I've met some with REMARKABLY bad gaydar. I've also met straight men and women that have very powerful "gaydar", so it isn't restricted to those attracted to same-sex at all.
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Oh my problem is either I can't tell if they're gay unless they're without question... Then I am usually oblivious to flirting... I usually end up asking, "were they flirting with me?" and the response is always "Yeah...duh, why do you think they...."

Then there are the straight guys who act gay and I go trying to chase them down...
Meh, not so good at it. I can get inklings but unless a guy is close to wearing a sign around his neck I am never sure. I don't think all gay guys have it. If they did Grindr and its counterparts would be out of business.
I bid NO Trump!
Maybe it's a side effect of being Autistic but I have no gaydar at all.
A guy has to be wearing girly clothing, swaying his hips around and talking with a lisp before I'll cotton on.
Even then it's like "hmmmm I wonder if that guy might be gay."

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